Our Approach

The approach at QGI is to get out and start gardening. Gardening and bringing in volunteers to facilitate large projects like irrigation and building raised beds, or performing large maintenance tasks like weeding. As the garden grows, so does community participation. People join in and paint murals, host film festivals and  plan block parties. These efforts spread much like ground cover in a garden. More community gardens sprout up in unused spots. More people get involved…and so on.

Our Story

Meet the Team

QGI is an organization run by volunteers. Our organizers are community members who have been chosen by us to represent our mission. They help to guide QGI’s interaction with volunteers, media, grant funders, the community at large, and individual members.

Shane King


Shane King is a San Francisco film maker, bee keeper, gardener, father, husband and community builder, among other things! He has lived in the Quesada Gardens vicinity since 2006. Shane is currently making a documentary film about Quesada Gardens

Craig Cannon

Social Media Manager

Craig Cannon is a graphic artist and cartoonist who has lived in the vicinity since 2013. Craig also manages volunteer groups that help in our garden.

Elizabeth Skow

Editor QGI website and Bayview Footprints blog.

Elizabeth Skow has been the editor of Bayview Footprints since founder Jeffrey Betcher passed away. She is currently rebuilding the website and Bayview Footprints blog and documenting neighborhood events.

Joel and Mary

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