We are grateful to all the individuals and groups who have contributed time, talent & attention to Quesada Gardens Initiative and Bayview Footprints Network of Community Building Groups.  Please also see who has contributed extraordinary project leadership. (Projects)

We wouldn't be here without the financial contributions of our

individual and organizational donors 

Thousands of individuals, businesses, public agencies, community-based organizations and others have made practical contributions over the years ....SF Wholesale Produce Market | FoodsCo | Craig Gold | Chef Alice Wilson | Jacob Lemieux | Evergood Sausage | Pralines by Yvonne | Gay for Good  |  Wendy’s Bakery | Neighborhood Empowerment Network | Pat Yollin | ACWG/Shipyard Community Arts | UC Stanford | UC Berkeley


We thank recent contributors:

Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement (fiscal sponsorship)

Bayview YMCA (2013 in-kind)

Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits Program (2013)

SF Dept. of Public Health/Bayview HEAL Zone (2013 Bayview Footprints Local News)

SF Public Utilities Commission (2013 Latona Easter Event)

SF Wholesale Produce Market (2013 in-kind)

University of San Francisco (Service-Learning)

We remain grateful to past contributors:

California Pacific Medical Center

Dome Construction

Family Violence Prevention Fund


Green Mango Foundation

Home Depot

Kaiser Permanente

Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice

Michael Lee Environmental Foundation


SF Beautiful

SF Community Challenge Grant Program

SF Dept. of the Environment

SF Dept. of Public Health

SF Foundation

SF Interfaith Council

SF Parks Trust/SF Parks Alliance

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

True Hope Church of God

Wells Fargo Bank

Zellerbach Family Foundation

Many Others

Advertisers with Bayview Footprints Local News

Shoppers at the Quesada Gardens General Store

olunteers and informal contributors
... countless!


We thank recent donors:

Alan Grinberg

Andrea Baker

Carolyn A. Nash

Elizabeth Cochran

Heidi Hardin & Hideki Richard Uchida

Jeffrey Betcher

Joel and Mary McClure

Kathy Looper

Kevin and Valerie Lutton Jacobs

Marlene Tran

Mary Elgin

Ricardo Moreno

Susan Oki

We remain grateful to past donors:
Brenda Lima
Carla Eagleton
Carrie Kochenbach
Cheryl Lees
Chris Foster
Chris Waddling
Clarity Digital
Connor Moncrief
Dale Leininger
Dave Froehlich
David Roth
Davon Frasca
Dawn Swidorski & Tony Harvey
Diego Castellani
Diego R. Sanchez
Dionisia Montanez
Dorris Vincent
Eddie Scott
Elaine Tok
Eric Fedeher & Lauren Phallips
Eric Kobrick
Esther Morales
Floyd Soldiers/Red Wire
Frances H. Taylor
Gail Dekreon
Gary Matus
Heidi Hardin
Helen "Susie" and Carlton Tyner
Hideki Richard Uchida
Irene Molanari
Isabel Wade
Janice A. Benassi
Jared Goralnick
Jason Porth & Abigail Michelson Porth
Jeff Thorpe
Jeffrey Betcher
Jerilyn Downing
Jey Richardson
Jo Kreiter
Joel & Mary McClure
John Kosich
John Weiss
Kathy Looper
Kevin and Valerie Lutton Jacobs
Kevin Daniels
Kristine Enea
Lina and Thomas Guevara
Liz Skow
Loretta Anderson
Luiselle Yakas
Magaly Fernandez & Alejandro Murguia
Malik Looper
Malini Singh
Margaret M. Conley
Maria & Pedro Guinea
Marie Harrison
Mark and Rithy Chan
Mark D. Mathew
Mark Philpot
Mark Wong
Mary Grandin
Mary Rose
Mary Severance
Maxwell Gladish
Maxime Philippe
Mei Ling Hui
Michael Page
Michael Powers
Mike Aisenfeld
Nancy Koons
Norita and Juster Collins
Paulette Meyer
Pedro and Maria Guinea
Pettus Family
Quay Markham
Richard L. Burns
Rika Kruse
Robert Cohen
Robert Grover
Robert Hogan
Robert Ramirez
Ruth Davis
Ruth Wallace
Sarah Fortman
Sharon Papo
Sharon Bliss & Jon Chester
Sherry Scott 
Sudeep Motupalli Rao
Susan Tramontare
Tai Mayes
Tai Trang
Team Simon Arms
Terry & Diana E. Oertel
Tim Chan
Timothy Keefe & Elizabeth Bowerman
Tom Galante
Tony Tarket
Tony Hurd
Tracy Potter
Yvonne O. Best
Zachary & Susan MacDonald

Haas School of Business | SF State University | Southeast Community Facility | Southeast Health Clinic | Southeast Food Access Working Group | SF General Hospital | UC Community Partnerships | Seva* Partnership | Art94124 | Bayview History Preservation Project | BetterBayview Group | John Upton | Blue Dolphin Youth Swim Team | Sophie Maxwell | Bridgeview Community Garden | India Basin Neighborhood Coalition | Zack McDonald | Melinda Stone | Old Skool Café | Pathlight Productions | Reachout Rainbow | Safe Haven | Dorothy LaRue | Shipyard Trust for the Arts | Think Round, Inc. | Arthur Coleman Clinic | Bayview Business Resource Center | Bayview YMCA | Bayview Branch Library | Hunters Point Family | Literacy for Environmental Justice | Third Street Youth Center | BAYCAT | Bayview Merchants Association | Bayview Opera House | BMAGIC | Whitney Young Circle | Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club |  Dr. Toye Moses  |   Experience Corps | Charles Drew Garden | Willie Brown Academy Garden | Decorative Plant Service | SF Foliage | Friends of the Urban Forest | Green Waste Management/Sanjay Bhas  | ACCESSF | datzreal Entertainment | SF Bayview Newspaper | Crissy Field Center | Visions of la Moda | Collective Roots | SWA Group | SF NPC | Bayview Koshland Fellows | Institute for the Future | Freddy Gutierrez | Gen-We | Mazzei’s Hardware | ttdigital | Sierra Lumber | Seth Wachtel | Dayle Smith  | Sergio de la Torres | Erin Brigham | Dionisia Montanez | Jon Coon | Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy |  Flora Grubb Nursery 

...and YOU!!!!!!!!!