History and Video

What do you do when you live in a place so choked with pain and danger that no one seems to remember better days?

If you lived on Quesada Avenue in Bayview Hunters Point a few years back, you would have pulled down the blinds and dreaded the inevitable dash to the bus stop or your car.

But that changed in 2002 when Annette Smith and Karl Paige started planting flowers and vegetables here and there around the block.  Other residents jumped in to help them, and to create art, share history, organize block events, and commit to working together to strengthen the community where they live.

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Together, they formed the Quesada Gardens Initiative, changed their world,
and inspired all those around them.

“The dirt was so hard at that time that we had to take picks and dig.  We’d pour water, like you mix concrete, and put the plants in the mud.” - Annette Smith (SF Chronicle 7.18.06)