The Bayview neighbors, friends & allies that make up the Quesada Gardens Initiative started with a few flowers, and built a network of projects and people.  Along the way, they accomplished what no one else could...and then some!

Honored the leadership of Annette Smith & Karl Paige.
Created dozens of resident-defined and -led projects including community and backyard gardens, public gathering spaces, major murals, & community communications.
Unleashed a stream of popular events where people were once afraid to be.
Turned a notoriously dangerous section of the neighborhood's heart into a beautiful oasis and safe route through town.
Generated a down payment on our future with over 40,000 hours of documented volunteerism.
Brought thousands of people to the neighborhood for a positive experience through group tours, community events and meaningful volunteer days.
Delivered a consistent message of inclusion & positive change through Bayview longest-running blog ("It's What Community Looks Like") and through the free bi-weekly community building newsletter ("Bayview Footprints Local News") since 2008, now reaching an audience of thousands.
Sparked and sustained improvements to health, environment, justice and quality of life through grassroots community building and consensus-based projects. 

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Quesada Gardens Initiative has: 

  • Reduced health disparities
    Community and backyard gardens effectively encourage better nutrition and physical activity.
  • Improved our environment
    Local food production reduces the carbon emissions associated with transporting food, and community-defined projects on dump sites stops dumping when other strategies fail.
  • Prevented violence
    Strengthening social cohesion across demographic lines develops visibility for and respect between populations, and empowers residents to take back their urban environments.
  • Remediated gentrification While beautification feeds gentrification, community-building involves long-term residents, and encourages their reinvestment. 

Together, we are bringing back the days when all who live, work & play in Bayview Hunters Point greet each other by name.